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"Light is right:
Start right and it will be easy
Continue easily and it will be right...." 
Tschuang - Tsu

"A teacher, who contents himself with talking about the "picture", the "content", the "mood", the "idea", the "poetry", and who is not striving for the concrete material realization of his assertions and exhortations in the tone, in the phrase, in the nuance, in a perfect playing technique, is of no use to God or man, however bright he may be. Equally useless, is a teacher who focuses only on the piano playing, only on the piano "technique", while possessing, when it comes to music, only a vague appreciation of her meaning and her natural laws."
Heinrich Neuhaus
"Die Kunst des Klavierspiels"

The term "MUSIRESET®" ís composed of two words:  "Musician" and "Reset".
The much used computer term "reset" means: set to zero, reinstall, begin again, transcribe, reinstate, adjust, return to the original settings.
Thus MusiReset®  is a procedure, a method, whereby a "reset" is made possible for musicians.

Playing music is a holistic phenomenon, whereby the body, the soul and the mind act together and mutually influence one another.

The best possible result of this complex interaction is music which fulfills the vision and expectation of the musician. And that is presumably the aim of all musicians.The first of these three components, the physical (the body), may be not the most important - each of the three is equally important - but is certainly the most essential, the least dispensable, the "sine qua non".
What does that mean, "the physical"? Here I mean the "primary" instrument - my body - with which I play the musical instrument - the "secondary" instrument: a body,  held in light, effortless equilibrium by the tonic muscles, aware of gravitation, and with that the weight of its individual parts, with best coordination of flexors and extensors and thus free of superfluous uneconomical muscle and tissue tension
Given these requirements, the body evolves into a finely differentiated instrument. Not only all joints of the hands and arms, but while playing, all joints of the entire body are under the control of the "master", though not in the sense of control as contraction/fixation. Contraction/Fixation happens automatically and in the absence of control. On the contrary we mean here control in the sense of releasing, making available, opening at these joints, so that every single joint at any time one time is available, as required, if only for the tiniest movement of fine tuning - waiting in the wings, so to speak.

A young pianist delivered his impressions after Musíreset® through the following beautiful illustration. He told me that he experienced the difference between his former playing and his playing now, as comparable to how a four legged oxen moves in contrast to a millipede.

MUSIRESET®  provides for:
  1. interventions within the fascial-stuctural system in order to eliminate somatic disorders and to improve the body structure and posture (Rolfing®).
  2. comprehensive training and heightening of the inner sensory body perception and of the movement patterns (Musireset® Movement).
  3. specifically targeted, precise enhancement and development of the technical scope on the instrument (fine motor skills).

Gaining this is the goal of MusiReset®. We do know that through hard practice musicians often reach their boundaries, where more practice brings them no further, where frustration and listlessness arise. Tension and muscle pain make the musician's life tough and ultimately inflammations and symptoms even to the point of  Focal Dystonia appear.

With Musíreset® the gradual improvement, through this new way of playing, brings about the equally gradual dissolution of the symptoms. New vistas will be opened up even for musicians without typical Musician's Syndrome.