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Working Method

After accurately studying the 'status quo' the work can begin. This takes place on three levels:

  1. "hands on" work on the body,  in order to get rid of tensions and restrictions and to obtain a "normal" body structure and posture (see Rolfing®).
  2. movement work without, but also with small devices and with Pilates equipment in order to optimize the movement flow (see Musireset™ Movement).
  3. meticulous and highly specific work on the instrument. (fine motor skills)
As a general rule this work takes place either in the form of sessions at regular intervals in Altrei or in Bozen or in the form of a 3 day residential block (7 hours per day) in Altrei.For small groups only the 3 day residential in Altrei is possible.

Individual work

Advantage: it is possible to concentrate absolutely specifically on the individual idiosyncrasies and special features of each musician's difficulties on his own instrument.
Length of session: 1.45 hr.
Residential: 2 Sessions; in the remaining time:  in part monitored practice.

Tandem  -  two musicians on the same instrument

Advantages: each musician actively participates and benefits simultaneously as "auditor" while the other receives individual work on his own body, with his instrument or on his movement patterns; Pair exercises and valuable exchange of experience; Cost a little lower.
Length of session: 2.15 hr.
Residential: 2 Sessions; in the remaining time:  in part monitored practice.

Group work  -  four musicians -  with different instruments also possible

Under favourable circumstances the work in these foursomes can become very lively and interesting, especially for instrument teachers.Only possible residentially.

The residential model - block of on average 3 days in Altrei - has proved its worth.Under certain suitable circumstances exceptions can be made for a change in duration.

After the first block the musicians are primed and capable to carry on working successfully alone with a package of individually tailored exercises.
When the next block should take place will be determined at the end of the previous block.
Inexpensive accommodation is available in the house itself, or in guesthouses close by.

For further information, feel free to contact me at any time!