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First Solo Flautist , Sao Paolo Symphony Orchestra  (OSESP) Brazil

"Encountering  Elmar was for me a turning point in the attempt to free myself of my many muscle tensions notably after long periods of intensive study.I like his technique because it is complete: it unifies the practical aspect, where one learns to “listen” to one’s own body while playing, with the manipulative aspect, which the Rolfing Method is based on, and which for me is of fundamental importance, because it’s sometimes just difficult to monitor one’s own postural habits and patterns of movement."

First Harp, Teatro Bellini Catania

"I discovered Rolfing quite by accident, and realized quickly that it was just the right thing for me. It had such a great impact on my physical and mental well being, that as soon as I learned there was someone in Italy who applied the method on musicians I had to try that out.Elmar exceeded all of my expectations. The encounter with him had the effect on me, as if I could stroll about in my thriving garden – completely free of weeds  – finally bare foot and completely free!"

Chair for Harp at the  Conservatorium „B.Marcello“ Venice

"I had the pleasure to work with Elmar Abram for a short but intensive time.Elmar is indefatigable and rousing which ensured the voyage into our inner bodies, which each of us who did movement work with him undertook, to be a thrilling experience.To have worked with Elmar is for me every day afresh a stimulus on my path as harpist and of valuable assistance for me in the work with my students!"